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Getting Started with HTR Software: 

An automated HTR2 software setup is available from our web-site:

Please download this file from our home page.  RUN that file and then follow the prompts to get HTR2 loaded and running on your computer.  Also be sure to click, read and/or print HTR Glossary of Terms and Symbols.

Note: The demo cannot be setup on DOS or Windows 3.1 systems - please call for a diskette.  Mac Users will need Windows emulation software installed. 

Downloading Files:

Downloading files from our secure web site requires a user name and password assignment.  The site is very user friendly, but it is suggested that you have the latest browser version fromInternet Explorer, Firefox, or AOL as our site utilizes modern Internet protocols.  Features include a multiple-item download 'cart' that allows up to 75 files to be taken together with one click of the mouse - saving valuable time and allowing you to use the computer for other tasks while the data is being downloaded.  For those of you with high-speed Internet access, the HTR unlimited download site is a major advance in the fast acquisition of thoroughbred data.

Handicapping and Analysis: 

HTR2 was designed for experienced players.  Whatever style or method of handicapping is preferred, it can be found among the array of software tools in HTR2.  Pace and speed figures, accurate velocity feet-per-second ratings, running style and early speed analysis, probability and value betting, workouts and in depth trainer/jockey statistics are all available options.  Need reliable selections or contenders quickly during busy simulcasts? - then the (K) rating or HTR Consensus gets you that information effortlessly.

Signing Up With HTR: 

You may activate instantly with Visa or M/C by calling Handicappers Data Warehouse (HDW) at 502-570-0333 during regular business hours (ET). Tell them you wish to "open an HTR download account".

If it is after hours, or you wish to leave a message on the HTR voicemail with Ken Massa, call 714-366-1487 and leave him the billing information.

In either case, we need the following to setup your account:

  1. Visa or M/C number and exp date (we charge $119/month via "HDW Inc").
  2. Your name and address (that corresponds with the credit card).
  3. Password you want to use with your account.

We accept PayPal = send to Ken Massa ($122)/month.

No checks please.

We are an unlimited access service with available archives, so accounts are charged by calendar month, no pro-rate.

Ken Massa

HTR Web-Site (free software upgrades):

Voicemail (24 hour / recorded message):
Tech Support:


Subscriber (only) web site for File Downloads:

Handicappers Data Warehouse:

(714) 366-1HTR (1487)
(714) 693-3399
(714) 366-1HTR (1487)

(502) 570-0333

"Serving the serious handicapper since 1993."

All data is provided from the Equibase Corporation of Lexington, Kentucky and is strictly for the non-commercial use of the individual subscriber.  Any commercial or re-sale use of HTR material is prohibited.

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