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Please Read Our Installation Guide
HTR Installation Guide

01 Oct 2016

New Pos-Scan User Guide

All HTR Oct 01 2016 Software Updates Summary

This setup includes HTR2, Tour, ROBOT3 and MaxVel.  Download and Run the file.  Installation is automatic and will install or upgrade all four programs in "C:\HTR".

Ratings - "Luck" and "KAT." Be sure to read the 2013 HTR E-Book to get all the details on how to use them. E-Books Page 

"MaxVel and HTR_TOUR."
Adjusted Morning Line (AML) - Four Diverse Systems - Exotic Wagering & Systems

A partial user guide for Robot3 will be in the July/August HTR Newsletter and contains Robot3 Spot Plays w/ Luck + KAT.

Robot3 include integration with AML (Adjusted Morning Line) and Systems 1,2,3 and 4.

01 Oct 2016
HTR Tablet:  Designed to be used on a Windows 7 or up based tablet. 

Included are two new screens to look at, HTR-Consensus and KAT Scan.

HTR-Tablet version has been updated for 2014

New features include the HTR exclusive Adjusted Morning Line (AML), enhanced Price Scan and Systems Screen. Please read the March/April newsletter (available March 2014) for more details.

July 15 2014 updates includes all the new track information, bug fixes and adds a menu option for the "Rookie Scan" (same at HTR-Tour).


Breeders Cup Races -  Check out previous years Breeders Cup action with HTR2. 

I renamed the track SA to SA2 in Brcup03, track CD to CD2 in 2000, track CD to CD3 in 2006, track CD to CD4 in 2010 and track CD to CD5 in 2011 and SA to SA3 in 2012.  Had same track and date.

Some versions of Windows will add the ZIP extension during download.  If that happens to you just rename them back to HTR extension.  (Notice the HTR is capitalized.)

2015_BCAll.exe has all the old BC races.  You should create a new directory for the BC races, like "C:/htr/bc"  Download to your download directory and then double click on the file name to run.

By adding the HTR extension to my list of File Types in Windows Explorer I was able to download all files with the HTR extension using Firefox and Opera. 


Triple Crown Races - How did HTR do at the Triple Crown over the past few years?  Races, with results and charts for some past Triple Crown  races.

You can download DERBY.ZIP, PREAK.ZIP and/or BELMONT.ZIP into your c:\htr folder, but you would be better to download them to a separate folder like C:\htr\tc.
Extract using a program like WinZip or change the file extension to HTR and extract using HTR2.
Look in the drop down list of tracks for the CD, PIM, and/or BEL files from 2001 - 2007
The 2001 Derby race displays as race #8 in 2007.
The 2001 Preakness displays as race #11 in 2007.
The 2001 Belmont displays as race #10 in 2007.
The 2003 tracks have been renamed CD2, PI2 and BE2.
The 2005 tracks have been renamed PI2 and BE2.
the 2005 Derby race displays as race #10 in 2011.
The 2004 Preakness and Belmont have been renamed to PI2 and BE2.

Ky Derby for 2004 shows up on the list under 2010 race.

Utilities& Free Stuff

HTR2 Access Manual
Jun 04

MikeDee's HTR2 Access Manual:   Beginners guide to use the exports in HTR2 with Microsoft Access (in pdf).  The concepts in the manual should work with any relational database. 

Relationships in Access

Creating relationships to join tables together

Mar 04 2016

AT THE RACES Pro - Version 8.20, shareware 30 day free trial. 

Inluded in the 8.20 upgrade is a cool new feature that displays four tracks on one screen.

With AT THE RACES Pro you are able to retrieve betting information from the Internet and then calculate relationships between the different betting pools (win, place, show, exacta, quinella and daily double).

9 Jul 2014

Key Race.pdf
17 Sep 08
18 Feb 08

Gary's KeyRace Program V2.3 - This version includes the ability to remove old files based on a range of dates according to the file name. (ie 1201 - 1205) or it has a checkbox to enter a single date to move/delete.   Download the program and the pdf file.  The file todays_races.txt is an example of the output.  For more info see

KeyRace now has a Green button to help you maintain your HTR directory.  Using this button you can delete or move the old races.  You can set the number of days back to remove races, 30/60/90/180/364, its up to you.  For more info see
Appendix D of theKey Race.pdf explains the use of the Green button.



EZSnap is a screen capture utility.  Gary (of ATRpro fame) has made it available for everyone to download and use for free.  Download  EZSnap_Users_Guide_v21.pdf and EZSnapSetup.exe.  Right click to download pdf files.

HTR Templates.mdb
15 Jul 2015

Table Data Types Reference.xls
20 Aug 13

MikeDee's ------> HTR Template.mdb contains tables for HX3, HX4, HX5, HX7, HX9, HXD, HXN, HXV and HX44 - in Access2003 format includes defined tables, Import Specifications, ROI report, WPS ROI report, and Import VBA Module.  Includes any new fields added by KM. 

The Excel spreadsheet list all the suggested field types for each table.  This is for someone who is going to build their own tables manually or in another db program.

Exotic Wager Calculator

Exotic Wager Computer - small Windows program that will figure out the cost of your exotic bets for you.  It is a freeware done by Horatio Kemeny.  Follow link to download.


Ken Massa

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