HTR File Rat (Express Downloader) Current Version 2014.1

The HTR File Rat v2014 is a necessary upgrade that fixes and improves operations for downloading individual tracks.

The 2011 User Manual has all the details and is still revelant.

Download HTR File Rat Full Install, Version 2014 dtd 5 Nov 2013

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John's HTR File Rat (Express Downloader)

The File Rat just got better with Version 2011.  John added the ability to archive your race files by year and to move out the files from last year for the dates you want to download now.

He has also added an HTR File Utility that will give you more archiving options.

In Version 2011.3 John has added the File Sweeper.

The File Sweeper is a fresh feature for the HTR File Utility. It makes it easy for new and intermittent users of the Rat to get their handicapping directory ready for trouble free use with HTR Software. It scans your directory and moves any files older than a year from Today’s Date to an archive directory. Like all scans, it looks for corrupt and zero byte files and cleans them out of your handicapping directory. This will be your first step if you have never used the Rat to maintain your current handicapping directory.

Download FileRat2011.pdf for more details. (still relevant for current version)

When John created this program, that makes it much easier and quicker to download HTR files from HDW, he sent me the following message:

“This is completely free to HTR members as I firmly believe in HTR. The quality of data, support and business practices is superb! Because I’ve been disabled, if you want to ask for a donation from the members to cover the cost of out of pocket expenses that would be cool. If not, that is COMPLETELY fine by me as this was certainly done to make a contribution to a fine bunch of folks. The donation can be anything.”

I think you are going to love his HTR File Rat, I know I do.  For me it is the only way to get my race files downloads.

You can PayPal a donation for website expenses at

You can report any problems, suggestions or questions in the forum or email John at

John's HTR File Rat

Download HTR File Rat Full Install, Version 2014 dtd 5 Nov 2013

An “Automation” feature is available for no hassle upkeep in downloading files. This consists of two parts for flexibility:

1) “Enable Automation” where the program downloads files everyday at the hour selected while the program is running.

2) “Enable Windows Startup” where HTR File Rat is automatically started and minimized to the System Tray when your computer is rebooted.

When using automation, the only dates that download are from 2 days back through tomorrow. This will keep large unnecessary downloads from repeating after you manually download a large “catch up” day. When “Automation” is enabled, there is a blue clock that lights up located just right of the track list to remind you “Automation” is enabled.

When manually downloading, the dates can be set as needed. This will not affect the dates downloaded by the Automation feature.

You can now keep the program hidden while it is running. Just hit the “Minimize To Tray” button. When downloading is in progress, the icon in the tray will pulse. This will alert you that if you reboot you will interrupt and lose the active download. If you double click on the tray icon the program will become visible again. When the program is visible you can also double click the tray icon to hide it again in the system tray.

The track list is now automatically updated.

There are now two views for the track list window. One view is the track list itself and the other is any messages generated after the last download. After a download session is completed, this window returns to the “Message View” state automatically instead of returning to the track list. There is a “Track View/Message View” button that toggles between the two views.



The full install also acts as an upgrade if you already have the File Rat installed.

The program defaults to install on your boot drive in \Program Files\HTR\HTR File Rat\. 

To use, check the files you want to download, set the End and Start dates, enter your Logon Info, set download path if you want something other than C:\htr, set which tracks you want to download and click on HDW Start Download.

You can select Download All Tracks or you can select which tracks you want to download. 

Note from John:  If you want all the tracks, make sure you check the box “Download All Tracks.” This will get all tracks even though they don’t show up in the track list. When you uncheck “Download ALL Tracks”, only the tracks checked in the tracklist will be downloaded. If you download the present day tracks, make sure you go back and download again the next day to get the racefiles with the scratches and the results and chart files.

Forum thread about the File Rat.


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